Friday, September 29, 2017

Reading a friends blog today and noticed she had one entry each month... shame shame shame on me!!! It's been 8 months since I last wrote!!!  I DO have videos, newsletters, lesson plans, demo's, and oh yea...some art to show!!! Plus a whole bunch of amazing relationships with precious jewels so I guess it's not a travesty that I hardly write. Not even sure anyone reads these as I don't post it very much!!!
But here I am posting a quick note.  I went to the CUSTOMS HOUSE MUSEUM in Clarksville, TN yesterday with 3 of my students for the most wonderful show of artwork entitled Women Painting Women in Earnest.  SIMPLY FABULOUS!!!

Here is the poster I found online....
and below my close up shots of this amazing painting!! 

It's so much more fun to go to museums with artist friends!! after we had toured, we had a few more minutes so we went back and picked our favorite hair, skin tones, fabric, and eyes!! 
We saw things we had totally missed!!!

Thank you Norma, Lenore, Charlotte B and sweet Catey!!!
I had so much fun with you gals!!!

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