Monday, September 2, 2013

Inspiration from Jamie Wyeth

 I was intrigued by the following videos and article on artist Jamie Wyeth. I saw his work  in 2005 in Maine at the Farnsworth Museum (Wyeth Center). I loved his seagull series,  entitled "Seven Deadly Sins". What an interesting man and really fun to watch him work! (painting on cardboard in the first video!)

Inferno was shot on Location in Jamie Wyeth’s Studio, on his island off the Coast of Maine. 
Jamie, a celebrated contemporary realist painter, son of Andrew Wyeth, grandson of N. C. Wyeth, has never been filmed at work until the making of this short. Working with great intensity and focus Jamie applies thick watercolors and charcoal to a 60x80 inch piece of corrugated cardboard using his fingers, hands, brushes, and paperclips. As we watch the work in progress the film brings us so close we can hear the roaring inferno of burning garbage and the shrieking of Gulls. 

CLICK HERE to watch "Inferno" 

A Wyeth Sense of Place
This film depicts the work of painter Jamie Wyeth (son of Andrew Wyeth). Mr.Wyeth shows us his love for painting and the land where he grew up.  [This is an excerpt from a half-hour program]

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2 Paintings from the Seven Deadly Sins Series....

Gluttony & Anger 

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  • February 09, 1981
  • Vol. 15
  • No. 5  PEOPLE Magazine Article

  • Possessive of Privacy and a Master of Disguises, Painter Jamie Wyeth Meets the World Incognito

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