Monday, January 20, 2014

Learning from Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell Exhibit!

 I visited the Frist Museum last week to see the Norman Rockwell collection! AMAZING!!!
I had no idea that his paintings...his brushwork would be such a pleasure to view! Almost as much as seeing Sargent's work in Boston some years ago!!! I did sneak a few shots with my phone! I am not promoting bad museum behavior, I just couldn't resist seeing those beautiful brushstrokes up close. 
It is there until February 9 so by all means, get over there to see it! Notice how he signed his name differently in every painting. The paint on that palette  in this first one, The Art Critic, was about an inch thick in places! It looked like sand & gravel in some of his backgrounds and the edges were not all sharp and rigid like I thought they would be. His skin tones were really amazing! I hope to get back before it leaves Nashville. 
Thank you Frist for bringing it here! CLICK on the images to see them up close!

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