Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Open Studio Work Summer 2014

Open Studio Sessions

I have not written since April!! Good grief, where did the time go? I think everyone switches to fast speed during this time of year. I had 2 wonderful weeks of art camp, a week with Max Ginsburg in June and have been busy with commissions, garden, family and living life in abundance! I have managed to take time for a few open studio sessions at Warehouse 521and have made some new art friends on that side of town. We can literally live all 100 years (as Max plans to live) and still not finish learning and enjoying all that is available to the artist!!!

Here are the two portraits I worked on
 in June & July at Warehouse 521 
with some commentary…

Rhian in paste
Photo with my phone

Charcoal on Canson 25 min sketch
Massing in pastel in vibrant colors
 in order to withstand all the blending later!!!
Last photo of the day, still pretty bright but
you have to remember that paintings are viewed
 from 6 to 20 feet away. if you blend it down too much,
the values and color will not carry across a room!!
She was great at gesture poses!
Charcoal on Canson, 25 minute sketch
just getting a person down,
not too worried about the likeness at this stage!
First layers of pastel color,
 modeling around the forms
Getting the paper covered so I can start comparing values
Beginning to tie it together with a middle tone.
Portrait at 2pm when the whistle blew. Will I work on it more?…I don't know,
What should I do?
Happy to take suggestions and comments!!

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