Monday, February 16, 2015

Grisaille & Glazing Demo of Mandy

I began a series of class demo's in January (different subject for each class). The following are the stages for Thursday evening class DEMO of one of my students, Mandy.  

Beautiful Mandy taken in my studio using North Light
WEEK 1:  Surface is Masonite primed with Zinsser 123 Bullseye (from Home Depot)
  lightly sanded between coats
30 minute  Charcoal sketch for class
I usually add a poster edges filter from
PhotoShop to isolate values
WEEK 2: I lay in the first layer of Raw Umber & White
 according to the values in the photo, thinking mosaically.
About 30 to 45 minute demo.

I used the stiffest Raw Umber & White that I had. Thin paint
did not work well on the masonite surface. Too slick & did not cover well.

WEEK 3:  I move to a grayscale image
for reference with no poster edges filter.
No color to get in the way.
Much easier to judge areas of value.
I begin using a long flat mongoose brush to soften edges together
without loosing the planes.
I would rather over soften at this stage.
It's easy to go back in and add sharp crisp edges where needed.
Much more life like to work into a soft blurred form.

About 3/4 the way in, I often place my painting beside the original
and grayscale both to check values & drawing.
Errors in drawing and value will pop when you do this.
It is like turning the image upside down or placing in a mirror,
and is a way to fool the eye/brain into thinking it is a new image.
 I worked on this for about an hour after it dried to correct the values and drawing.
The RIGHT eye was off and had to be moved. 

WEEK 4: final stage in the grisaille portion. I used a cardboard palette in order to pull as much oil out of paint as possible. Applied paint with stumbling method and used my finger to soften skin tones.
TOTAL Project Time so far:  approximately 2 1/2 hours.
Painting is now ready for oil color glazes.
This is a wonderful way to divide the steps into manageable chunks.
First DRAW, second add value, finally add color.
I will post the final image when I get done. Ice storm today so it looks like no classes this week.
I am so excited to put color on. I may have to video and then show the class the video!!
 VIDEO of this project coming soon to my YOU TUBE Channel 

Final Stage: Added transparent oil glazes. Two separate sessions.
Video coming soon with step by step instruction.

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